Loco Dojo now available for VR Arcades

Do you operate a VR Arcade? Are your customers tired of the same old shooty-shooty-bang-bang games and are looking for something a little different to play against their friends?

Worry not no more! Loco Dojo is now available across all major VR Arcade platforms, including:

Steam Commercial Licence: https://store.steampowered.com/app/667800/Loco_Dojo/

SpringboardVR: https://springboardvr.com/

CTRL-V: https://www.ctrlv.ca/

VR Junkies: https://vrjunkies.com/

SynthesisVR: https://synthesisvr.com/

Available in a range of per-minute charge or monthly subscription options, don't delay, add the game to your library today!